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About Sandmilk

Sandmilk’s purpose is to simplify the complex process of NFTs and provide a unique solution to creators that want to participate in the future of digital ownership. We do this by offering the opportunity to sell and own NFTs, while creating more awareness globally.
We’re decades into the popularity and prolific use of the internet; yet, creators, artists, designers, and users still don’t rightfully own anything they create and publish in the digital realm. People who create original content or love to collect artists’ works still don’t have proof of authenticity or easy access to it. Sandmilk aims to remedy all of this by empowering everyone to own, share, and be able to sell anything digital. We value originality and authenticity, and we want to empower people with the ability to finally say two simple words that carry a lot of weight-- “It’s mine.” With the technological power of NFT and blockchain, Sandmilk is making this happen for creators and collectors all across the globe.
Sandmilk is the first NFT-based social network where everyone is free to share and showcase, display and discuss, peruse and purchase original content. Monetization through NFTs supports digital creators and provides the means to own amazing authentic art in the form of original digital content.
That said, we don’t sell ads and we don’t profile our users because the product is the content and not our users’ profiles. Anything else just isn’t the Sandmilk way. Our mission is to support digital creators with the ability to focus on their crafts and fans, and collectors with the “real deal, no worries,” by doing the heavy lifting blockchain requires for you and making your experience easy every. single. time.